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The Best of ASOS Supply Collection

ASOS have been selling bags that look like unfortunate light fittings for a while. But if the words “ASOS” and “homewares” has you picturing crockery that looks like party supplies, or objects-with-unicorns-on-for-no-clear-reason, it could be time to re-evaluate.

Supply is ASOS’s first true homewares collection. As you’d expect, the fashion giant is dipping its toe hesitantly in the decor game with a collection that’s heavy on accessories and soft furnishings rather than furniture.

The collection may be light on a consistent single style, jumping between colour palettes and decor references faster than I’d be unwittingly jumping out of this bikini.

A conscious choice reflecting the growing appetite for eclecticism amongst its target audience of Millennial renters and Generation Z student-bedroom-decorators? Or a sign ASOS is throwing a lot of shit at the wall with its debut collection to see what sticks?

Either way, there are some great pieces to be had at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at my stand-out Supply edit…


ASOS SUPPLY tufted minimal abstract rug, £42.00

With coarse textures, tassel details and a bordering-on-overkill use of the chevron, there’s a strong Boho vibe through much of Supply. This jute rug has all the Mesoamerican references that have been showing up in design houses for the last 12 months. It’s not new, but it is lovely.

ASOS SUPPLY macrame tassel hanging plant pot, NOW £12.00 WAS £20.00

Speaking of not new, did we really think we’d get through this piece with a plant hanger? This jute cord number is the rougher, tougher sister to the soft macrame cord variety, and all the more interesting for it.

ASOS SUPPLY zig zag wall hanging, £14.00

Black, white and burnt umber is a colour palette that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And just like the ASOS stylist has shown above, it works a treat against a tan leather piece.

ASOS SUPPLY zig zag table runner, £10.00

I used to love a table runner. Until my cat decided it was his personal catwalk (irony noted but not appreciated) and is now perpetually covered in the tiniest paw prints. If you, unlike me, are not permanently held hostage by a precocious cat who thinks he’s top of the household pecking order – give this runner a go. It’s gorgeous.


ASOS SUPPLY cheeky tufted eye cushion cover, £16.00

What do you if your halls of residence/rented room/new build house is an ode to magnolia? Channel your style into bright statement pieces that punch well above their weight for personality. This cushion hits most of 2019’s decor style points: abstract face motif, tufted textures and mixing neons with black accents.

ASOS SUPPLY lucha libra printed rug, £32.00

Struggling to find a rug that brightens your room while also telling observers about your passion for Mexican wrestling? Your struggle is over!

ASOS SUPPLY 3 pack neon tea towels, £8.00

Look, I’m having a bit of a weird moment for tea towels. Maybe it’s a new decor niche, maybe it’s a sign of oncoming breakdown. Tough to say. But kitchens can be tough to inject personality into, and these neon tea towels are different amidst a sea of waffle blandness.

ASOS SUPPLY abstract triangle double duvet set UK, £35.00

One of my favourite pieces from the whole collection, this abstract print bedding set is understated but interesting. It’s a great statement piece to base a room’s colour scheme around – pulling out that chartreuse in other accessories would be particularly striking.

ASOS SUPPLY place mat & coaster set, NOW £6.00 WAS £10.00

Just as surely as plywood took over from polished concrete as the new industrial-chic material de jour, cork is eyeing its moment in the spotlight. There are a few pieces in the Supply collection making use of this interesting neon-flecked cork. It’s like an edgier terrazzo and I’m having to strongly resist the temptation to buy up everything they make in it, from coasters to pen pots.


ASOS SUPPLY cheeky hands double duvet set UK, £35.00

How do you warm up a monochrome colour palette? Playful hand prints like those on this gorgeous bedding set get the job done, while playing into the season’s penchant for Picasso-esque post-modern prints.

ASOS SUPPLY dash & hand bathroom set, NOW £5.00 WAS £10.00

If disembodied hand prints covering your duvet is a bit much – and honestly, that’s a normal reaction – perhaps this bathroom set is a more accessible route into the trend.

ASOS SUPPLY matte black vase, £12.00

Black clay has a completely magical way of responding to light. The matte surface diffuses the light that hits it, resulting in the softest – almost ethereal – glow. I’m obsessed with it and wish to replace every vessel in my home with a new black clay equivalent. Too much? No, not enough.

ASOS SUPPLY gradient angled vase, £14.00

If true black and white is too severe for your tastes, this beautiful vase is a gentler nod to the monochrome trend. The water mark effect makes this piece look much more expensive and high end than it really is – always a win.

. . .

If Supply is a success, we could see ASOS’s ambition grow, following in the footsteps of H&M, Zara and French Connection whose home ranges started similarly small, but soon branched out into very credible furniture lines.

Either way, the involvement of one of the world’s biggest e-retailers shows what we’ve all known for a long time – decor is coming for fashion’s retail crown…

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