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Boho Style: Spare Room Makeover Pt II

We left the spare room last with smooth(ish) walls, straight(ish) edges and white(ish) surfaces. Next it was time to furnish and finish, adding that boho style to our room at last.

Boho style in electrical fittings

Desperate to get away from white plastic fittings, I settled on brass with black plastic. It’s not 100% right for the room, but for some reason they don’t make ’em in wicker, and brass felt like a better fit than zinc or matte black.

The two sockets and one light switch are all flush to the wall – none of the box effect you get with standard fittings. This made them a bit trickier to fit – especially with old wiring – and our wonky walls meant they didn’t go 100% flush.

The old pull cord was one of those ratty, grey-ing string numbers, which I replaced with natural rope tactile touch from the amazingDowsing and Reynolds. Although I just used it as a pull cord, all their cords (and they come in every colour/finish under the sun) are wired, so you can replace standard lamp wiring with it too.

Furniture & Boho Style

Keeping costs low, I went for a simple oak bed frame from JYSK, the world’s most affordable bedside tables from IKEA (note: often not kept in stock – you need to order them in), rug from John Lewis.

I don’t believe wardrobes are necessary in a spare room and I will happily fight you if you disagree.

Also, wardrobes are expensive as shit. You know what’s not? A £14 clothes rail from Ikea, complete with space for shoes and hangers. Frankly, if you come to stay in my home and bring more clothes than will fit on this rail, we have bigger problems than my storage solutions… If you still want a free-standing wardrobe, Instrument Furniture has a lot to offer.

To keep Proper Storage to a minimum, I also went for a ladder-style towel rail and these boho towels from Zara Home.

Boho Style Window Bay

Ahh, my favourite part of the room. Even when it was grubby and grim.

It’s a bit of a transformation, if I do say so myself…

The armchair is original ’70s from a mid-century furniture fair (I now tell this to everyone who comes in the house, whether they ask or not – the Deliveroo guy seemed impressed).

The basket is good old Ikea, and the fiddle-leaf fig is from the fantastic Green Haus in Nottingham.

How bored are you of the fact that everything in this room is from Ikea? Well, I’m not because Ikea is heaven and mini Dime bars are my jam.

The Ikea bench was £35 and I truly think it looks three times the price. The mirror is Ikea’s popular Stockholm design.

Staircase Makeover

I planned to carpet the staircase like the rest of the room. But then, when I came to tear up the old grotty carpet, I found this…

…Paint from runners of days gone by </3

I instantly fell in love with it, while my partner in DIY crime, C, thought I’d totally lost the plot. To be fair to him, it didn’t look like this when we first discovered it – it took a fair bit of nail-pulling, scrubbing, sanding (lightly – we couldn’t guarantee this wasn’t lead-based paint) and varnishing to look like this.

I think it’s completely charming; a celebration of the house’s history. So it’s staying. Sorry, C!

Big Fans

I think the greatest test of a room makeover is whether pets take to it. Luckily, both Barney and my puppy niece Rhubarb are big fans…

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