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13 Great Guides For Designing Your Home Office

Home office desk and laptop set-up

Those of us lucky enough to be working from home during lockdown are swiftly discovering the benefits of a well-designed, functional set-up. Whether you spend your day on back-to-back video conferences, or hunched over a laptop, a few tweaks will make a big difference to your comfort, health and productivity.

These guides run the gamut from designing full office layouts, to making the most of a tiny workspace in the corner of your bedroom.

1. Tips For Creating a Home Office You Actually Want To Work In

From lighting to storage, and the importance of having somewhere comfy to retreat from your desk chair – this guide from Fast Company ticks all the boxes if you had a good amount of space to work with.

A laptop sits on a dark wooden desk near a window with bright sunlight

2. Home Office Design Tips For The Start of a Makeover Project

If you’re thinking about a full room refurb or makeover, this article from Room Sketcher has some great advice on how to design a home office from the ground up – literally.

A tan leather chair in front of a sleek desk with large iMac screen and headphones on a stand

3. Workspace Design For Country And Farmhouse Decor Styles

If you love a bit of traditional design, this post from Country Living will be right up your street – it covers everything from function design to decor suggestions.

Woman sits at a desk in a stylish, bright, white country set-up

4. The Bespoke Work-From-Home Set-Up That’s Right For You

This great post from Real Homes walks you through a step-by-step guide to curating the workspace that works for you while you work. Start by thinking about how you work best, what you need to achieve and what your space might need to do in order to achieve that…

A woman has her back to the camera while working on a laptop with a vase of eucalyptus in the background

5. Choosing The Best Space For Your Home Office

If you’re bouncing between your kitchen table, a corner of your bedroom and the sofa, this guide from The Balances: Small Business will help you choose the most productive, conducive space in your home for your work set-up.

A laptop is open on a dining table with a kitchen in the middle ground

6. Home Office Ideas To Improve Productivity

If maximising your work output is the number one concern, this post from Clever lists some inspiring, West Coast-inspired design techniques for your working space. It’s a little more aspirational than practical, but might be a good one for the moodboard.

A clean and peach-coloured office set up with iMac and pine wood desk

7. Home Office Set-Up For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur’s guide to designing your work-from-home space takes a functional design approach, with a list of nine questions upfront to help crystallise what you need, including “will you be video conferencing?” and “what type of equipment do you need?”

An iMac and laptop sit on curved wooden stands, a mouse on a sleek leather mousemat

8. Tips For Decorating Your Home Office

If you’re after some aesthetic guidance and decor recommendations, this piece from Home Beautiful has great considerations, like bringing in the outdoors with your plant choices, and skipping a desk altogether for a more slimline console table set-up.

A laptop is nestled between pink-tones accessories including a global, a miniature dressmaker's mannequin and posy vases of flowers

9. Home Office Ideas and Inspiration Moodboard

This gallery from the brilliant Houzz is a source of straight-up inspiration, curating designers’ and readers’ homes, looking at offices and library or reading spaces. It’s absolutely dreamy…

A chic minimalise desk scene with a plant in a rattan basket

10. Home Office Tips From Expert Interior Designers

Hear from the experts themselves with this great post from retailer Amara – they’ve asked a series of esteemed interior designers and stylists about their key tips for making a workspace that keeps you happy, healthy and working well.

A woman with a cup of coffee sits in front of a trestle table desk with artwork pinned on the wall behind it

11. Designing A Home Office That Suits Your Work Style

Forbes focuses on you in this post, to diagnose your working style before you start designing your space. A rigid, formulaic set-up probably won’t be helpful if you’re a free-form worker. But if you love order, a relaxed and boho-style office won’t get you into the work groove.

A flowering cactus in front of an open laptop

12. How To Feng Shui Your Home Office

For fans of feng shui, this guide from My Domain gives you ideas to flow energy successfully through your workspace. From whether you should face the window or have your back to it, to making sure you don’t have a bin in your money corner!

A side profile of an iMac on a clean desk set up with neutral coloured curtains in the background

13. Home Offices For Creatives

If you create for a living, you’ll know how important your environment is. But there isn’t a blueprint for creativity – while some need a minimalist, open-plan studio and noise-cancelling headphones, others thrive in a busy coffee shop and a steady stream of people-watching. This post from Design Sponge will help you design a set-up that inspires your creativity and keeps the juices flowing.

An open Macbook Pro on a desk surrounded by peach-and-blue-coloured accessories and framed prints
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