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The Best Amazon Home Decor Finds For 2022

some great amazon home decor finds - a cherry wood and rattan bench and low chair

If 2021 was the year Amazon changed the fashion game, 2022 will be the for home decor. Look no further for the best Amazon home decor finds. With thousands of independent sellers (and suppliers to your favourite high street brands!), there’s plenty treasure to unearth. If you have the patience to trawl through the…erm, less good stuff.

But if you don’t, never fear! I’ve found some of my favourite pieces to start 2022 off. We’re ticking off some of the trends that are sticking around – Grecian ceramics, dried flowers and rattan are going nowhere. And some of the new looks emerging for 2022 – bleached wood and fluted textures on, well, everything and anything you can flute!

Have a browse and leave a comment below if you end up treating yourself to anything you spot…

Ceramic Home Decor

Tawny-coloured, natural pottery has been having its moment for a little while now. These are some of the best undiscovered Amazon home decor pieces. For a classic-turned-contemporary look, choose a female form bud vase. Or for something more rustic, unglazed finishes in bold shapes like the doughnut vase won’t be going out of style. To update for 2022, opt for something wavy and formless, the more abstract the better.

Amazon Wooden Accessories

Thought wooden accessories were all pricey? There are plenty of stylish wooden Amazon home decor finds – you just have to know where to look. And there is no easier way to pull a space together than with one finish of wood (pale untreated, dark and varnished, warm and teak-y) and dot pieces around your room. It will instantly feel considered and well styled, as the eye can smoothly travel across similar pieces. Chains of beads, small bowls and even tiny stools will be 2022’s most-coveted styling accessories.

Fluted, Reeded and Piped

Texture will be interior design’s biggest buzz word in 2022, and the clear forerunner is reeded, fluted or piped. Smooth vertical columns that add elegance and the illusion of height to all sorts of items. From glassware to pottery, furniture legs to metal finishes. Ease into the trend with vases or picture frames – or dive straight in with reeded-glass cabinets or a feature wall!

Rattan Reigns

Unless you’re new here, you’ll know I have a longstanding relationship with rattan. It is my favourite interiors material of all time and thankfully it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere in 2022. To update the trend, look for sleek, geometric-framed furniture. It’s a mid-century Bauhaus take on the trend, rather than the French antique style or ’70s bohemian interpretation. You can also consider pairing with darker woods like a rich mahogany or an almost-black cherry for ultimate contrast. Angles, sharp lines and statements are your friends!

Cool Neutral Tones

From the kitchen to the lounge, neutral tones will be taking the reigns from greys and blues in 2022. But they still have cool undertones rather than warm. Think sage greens, creams and fawns rather than olive, mustard and deep brown. Layer different tones and textures for a curated but understated finish.

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